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Demand a to investigate ties to . Demand that Sessions recuse himself from investigation. #putin #showusyourtaxes


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There are 3 good reasons for electors to vote against Trump. Last in this series on 's views on the . #68

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argued that the would protect against foreign interference. The US government confirmed Russian responsibility in DNC and campaign email leaks. The EC should take its responsibility seriously and vote against Trump.

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Closing arguments On women's issues it is not even close. @hillaryclinton offered the most robust defense of women's reproductive rights and @plannedparenthood of any Presidential candidate in the modern era. Trump demonstrated time and again that he is a misogynist with little respect for women. Indeed, he bragged about sexually assaulting women, a disqualifier for any job let alone that of President. If you wouldn't let him near your daughter, don't let him near the White House.

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Closing arguments: on it's not even close. had a detailed plan on the biggest challenge of our times, while Trump is a climate denier.

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