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In 2017 Anna Beale, Kate Beale and I launched the Earth Initiative (EI).

We used a platform that Steve Rockwell built and supported to host our posts. I had been Steve's friend and colleague all the way back to when he founded the Teaming for Technology Project at the United Way of Southeast Pennsylvania (think the Greater Philadelphia Region) - I was a member of his Advisory Board. T4T was an early play in addressing the digital divide. In many ways we had a blast. Many fun memories and stories from that time - including Steve climbing and crawling across rooftops in West Philadelphia ...

In May of 2020 Steve ported a select set of posts form that first phase of EI - to We the People.

In that gap from 2017 to 2020 was the headwinds from the chaotic Trump disaster. 

Now we are circling back.

What we hope to bring to the table, and contribute are:

     * The View from Here: news and inspiration from our Region and our travels

     * Alerts: when we see major news, articles, essays, opinions, podcasts episodes that you might have missed. We have subscribed, for example to Orion Magazine for many years

           OrionMagazine.org - a treasure

      * Reflections from the growing body of literature on ecology, natural history, earth poetry, and more - when they carry themes and messages that might inspire all of us today

We will work to bring forward local micro-projects that cross our paths, like the Soil Generation coalition in Philadelphia. 

We will write to shine a light on marvelous achievements, like the Dunes at Cape May Point, NJ.

We will bring our local perspective to the major Earth related news, as it breaks.

We have plans to launch a podcast too.

We hope to bring value to this budding community, and look forward to learning from all of you too!

My model is to always post here on WeThePeople first, and then to link to each post from my Facebook Page, with a brief subject line on the topic and then "I wrote about this here" - attempting to drive traffic to this site.


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