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What's the Value of Health Insurance Companies in a Pandemic?
What useful role do #healthinsurance companies play in a this #Pandemic?  We would argue very little.  I they ensuring that the courageous medical professionals are getting the gear they need to protect themselves?  Did they ensure that there would be enough #lifesaving #equipment?  Their should be no #middlemen taking #profit out of the #healthcare system.  #medicareforall #singlepayer
What is a Landlord, and Why Should They Not Exist?
As the Covid-19 pandemic rips through the United States, over 3.3 million workers immediately lost their jobs due to quarantine procedures, with millions more laid off or experiencing a severe decrease in hours. The Federal stimulus money won't arrive until next month, and Michigan's unemployment website routinely loses function and prevents all its applicants from being served. Governor Whitmer signed an executive order placing a stay on evictions until April 17th, but how will people who aren't able to make money manage that situation? Across the country, landlords are offering no sympathy or assistance to their tenants, threatening evictions as soon as legally possible regardless of emplo
I am concerned that our local Frederick, Maryland charities may distribute the donated funds unfairly, during the emergency. It is very common for our charities to help women with little children and entirely forget about the existence of working poor single men, many of whom are currently our of work and out of pay. This includes poor, working poor, homeless, disabled men of all ages who are struggling to survive in today's economy, often while trying to provide for their families and/or paying child support. In the post-modern, highly automated world, having a stronger body is only a marginal advantage. The health of those men who struggle in poverty for many years usually declines, leavin
What King Said About Capitalism
#knowyourhistoryWith all this talk about #socialism, #democraticsocialism and #capitalism, what did #mlk have to say?"What I’m saying to you this #morning is communism forgets that life is #individual. Capitalism forgets that life is #social. And the kingdom of brotherhood is found neither in the thesis of communism nor the antithesis of capitalism, but in a higher synthesis. It is found in a higher #synthesis that combines the #truths of both. Now, when I say questioning the whole society, it means ultimately coming to see that the problem of #racism, the problem of #economicexploitation, and the problem of #war are all tied together. These are the triple evils that are interrelated!"
Our Goals
Our Goals for the Year: #Organize for #Justice, #Win the #Presidency, #Flip the #Senate. #newyear #2020
Impeached!  Now Convict!
#impeached! now #convict!#impeachtrump #impeachment #impeachandremove #trump #donaldtrump #history
Does Obama Miss the Moment with #toofarleft?
President Obama this last week issued a rare and unusual public statement about the Presidential race, warning the Democratic field not to veer "too far left." While almost all of the candidates have made their obligatory pilgrimage to meet with the former President, such a public near rebuke of the progressive, majoritarian wing of the party seems out of place, happening at time where the buzz of backroom wealthy Democratic donors is encouraging the late entries of Deval Patrick and Michael Bloomberg into a race that wasn't lacking for centrists or billionaires in the field. The New York Times reported Obama not mentioning any candidate by name, "but he took aim at the 'activist wing' of th
#electionday #vote #ivotedtoday #hevotadohoy #votingrights
Say Her Name: Atatiana Jefferson
#sayhername #blacklivesmatter Her name was Atatiana Jefferson. #atatianajefferson. Another #shameful #policekilling of an #innocent #AfricanAmerican. We are #angry and #saddened. #racialjustice
Impeachment - Will the System Hold?
Impeachment.  The process has finally begun. We all thought that the Mueller investigation would make a clear case for impeachment, but there was too much reading between the lines in his long thesis. His presentation to Congress was uneven to the point of impotence, surprisingly for a man of such stature.  Or perhaps putting kids in cages and separating from their parents, violating fundamental human rights, would have been perceived by the political establishment as a high crime.  Bush blew past the Geneva Conventions on torture with no repercussions, so no dice on kids in cages as a rationale for impeachment.  Instead, Trump openly admitted to colluding with a foreign power to dig up dirt
#ClimateStrike = Climate Hope
Civic Direct has been promoting the Climate Strike and the numerous events leading up and following the latest, and the largest of the global Climate Strikes.  It is still shocking that there are so many political leaders (including Democratic pols) who fail to see the fierce urgency of now in which life on the planet stands on the precipice and our very existence as a species is on the line.  However, young people from around the world, the generations who will bear the brunt of the decisions being made by their parents and grandparents today, organized themselves to raise the urgency felt around climate change of what is now an emergency.   I attended the rally and march in Philadelphia an
Climate Strike
#climatestrike Get out there today for a local #strike/#protest.#Share your stories and pictures of the #climateaction happening on the Civic Action Center and #Connect with #climate #activists for #action.#climateactionnow

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