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I think Biden wins, but it shouldn't have been close.  

Many of my friends of color have reached out with feelings of disappointment and dismay about the fact that yet again so many Americans are willing to look they other way when it comes to racism and xenophobia.  i have to agree. 

The fact that its close means that we're really beyond the pale as a country or that middle of the road Biden really wasn't the right candidate. I think its a little bit of both.

If almost half of our fellow citizens are at least tolerable of racism/white supremacy and in many cases actually supportive...we are in a really bad place as a nation.

If almost half of our fellow citizens are content with gross incompetence leading to tens of thousands of deaths in a pandemic...we are in a bad place  

And its also true that Biden was everyone's last choice in the primary and that centrist Dems pulled together.  Every time the Democrats run a centrist since 2000 we've lost.  Obama ran as a progressive even if he governed as a centrist.   People do want to vote for change and inspirational candidates.  That is not Biden and of course we know that.  He's a good guy, but a 78 year old white dude who's not all the inspirational is not our best choice. 

So much more work to do...


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