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Originally Posted on December 22, 2017

The Church Militant Group prides themselves on being a peaceful group, unlike the “Anti-Christian group of Antifa radicals, Satanists, and Gay activists” who protested on Wednesday. This "peaceful" group has took to doxxing, harassing, and insulting people who have attended the protest. Vengefulness isn't peaceful or Christian-like.

The “Catholic” Group doxxed one of MDPAN’s newest members. They used his picture, full name, and place of employment in their coverage of the protest. He has lost his job because of it but was given a new one by a local activist. Church Militant Group has included the full name of another protester in their article and she is currently being harassed on social media by the group’s followers. Group members have resorted to insulting another MDPAN member’s looks, who’s picture was also featured in the article. They even misgendered her. MDPAN’s Facebook page has also been full of Church Militant Group members looking for arguments. The comment section under the protest’s article on their official website has several people insinuating that the protesters will “burn in Hell”. There are even homophobic, transphobic and ableist comments. So much for a peaceful Christian Group right?

Here's a few of their "nice" comments towards the protesters:

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