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Originally Posted on February 18, 2017

This Twitter exchange just crossed my path:

Here's Canadian Mounties greeting refugees from Somalia who walked across the border into Canada. THE CANADIAN PRESS photo by Paul Chiasson


back, from an older white woman from the US

@CdnPress You people in Canada including PM Trudeau and Canadian Mounties are just too much. Well, you will just be sorry later on.Good luck


then, a response from Canadians, bristling at the condecension:

"We've been doing this for like 149 years. We'll be ok"

"that's correct! We know exactly what we are doing"

"Canadians know, most people in the US are good and compassionate people, be proud of them"


I have made the point earlier that our immigration policy should work hand-in-hand with the health of our economy. As our immigrant workers start streaming out of the country - who is going to step up and replace them?


Observation: A record number of people were deported from the U.S. during Obama's tenure as President

Does anyone think that 45 will really make us safer than we have been in the last 8 years?

If you say yes, why? He has no track record, so you take him on his word?



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Elect a clown, expect a circus. This circus though is inflicting real pain on our , and and others, not to mention . Keep . #trump

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