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A group for sharing information and links about mutual aid needs and resources in the Colorado Springs area during the Covid-19 pandemic.
If we want, a network to coordinate mutual aid needs, resources, and actions.

Grupo para la distribución de información y enlaces para la ayuda mutua - las necesidades y/o recursos que tenemos mientras que ocurre la pandemia del Covid-19. Y, tal vez, una red para coordinar acción solidaria.

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Immigrant and refugee communities have been hit hard by the economic impact of the pandemic. Nearly one in 10 Colorado residents is an immigrant, and a similar share of residents are native-born U.S. citizens who have at least one immigrant parent. Immigrants comprise nearly 14% of all business owners in the state’s densely populated integral part of Colorado’s diverse and thriving communities and make extensive contributions that benefit all.

Multicultural Mosaic Foundation has started a COVID-19 Immigrant and Refugee Community Relief Fund to address the immediate needs of the most vulnerable immigrants and refugees within Denver metro area impacted by COVID-19.

Mosaic has reserved $10,000 from its funds for this relief fund. In addition,Mosaic is working on raising funds to supplement the fund.

We will get through this crisis by supporting each other. 

If you would like to participate, please donate by using one of the methods below:

  • Send a check to Multicultural Mosaic Foundation at
    • 14232 E. Evans Ave. Aurora CO 80014
    • On the check, please mention COVID-19 Immigrant and Refugee Community Relief Fund
  • Transfer funds by Zelle to 
  • Donate using the button below.

Contribute to Relief Fund: 

The priority with this project is emergency relief and support for basic needs. Mosaic will provide immediate financial assistance to refugee and immigrant individuals (up to $500) and families (up to $1500) severely impacted by COVID-19. The amount of financial assistance provided will be dependent on the extent of the impact as well as our target population’s most urgent needs.

Please inform your community members who may qualify and help them apply to for the fund by filling out the online application form.

Applications will be accepted starting Monday, April 20th, 2020. Application deadline is Monday, May 4th, 2020. Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to availability of funds.

Please send your questions regarding the relief fund to

Online Application: 

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This group is a place for people in the Aurora, CO area to give and receive volunteer, person-to-person assistance for logistical issues connected to COVID-19. With kids out of school, people with health issues are practicing social distancing and others are missing work and losing business. Let's think about what we can offer each other.
Remember, everyone needs something sometime and everyone has something to give. We're all in this together. Feel free to both ask for and offer things.

Is a group you're involved with doing something helpful? Awesome. Post it. Did you think of something I didn't? Of course you did, you clever thing! Share here.

Be sure that what you're offering is commensurate with a level of risk you're comfortable with. Remember, you want to be as careful as the most vulnerable person you see regularly.
If you are offering services for a fee which you feel would be helpful, feel free to post them on this Facebook page. Please don't use the volunteer form for that. We want to be clear about what's free and what isn't.

Also, be sure to fact check health info before you post it here.

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We're all going to be spending a lot more time from home, so, Boulderites, let's take lemons and make a tasty, organic, gluten free, small batch, lemonade!

This group is for:

Doing Good
+ Connecting to those in need
+ Volunteering opportunities
+ Rallying donations

Staying Happy from Home
+ Virtual happy hours (and hugs)
+ Where to find needed supplies
+ Entertainment ideas: books, streaming, podcasts, gardening
+ Asking for, and giving, advice
+ Let's haz jokes

Other ideas welcome. See the topic areas where you can post.

Let's keep it apolitical, non commercial, and positive. We got this Boulder!

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This page is for Denver folks to offer to help our Denver neighbors in times of need. Please do not post personal information, if you identify someone who can help send your information via PM. These services must all be volunteer, any services involving compensation will be deleted by admin. Some suggested services to offer;  getting groceries, shoveling sidewalks in the event of snow, picking up packages, or anything else you can think of that someone who is quarantined might need, or if you can offer a service that is needed because businesses are closed. As always, be safe to not expose yourself in the process. 

Esta página es para que la gente de Denver ofrezca ayudar a nuestros vecinos de Denver en momentos de necesidad. Por favor, no publique información personal, si identifica a alguien que puede ayudar, envie su información a través de un PM. Todos estos servicios deben ser voluntarios, cualquier servicio que implique compensación será eliminado por el administrador. Algunos sugirieron servicios para ofrecer; conseguir comestibles, quitar nieve, recoger paquetes, o cualquier otra cosa que pueda pensar en que alguien que está en cuarentena podría necesitar. Como siempre, sea seguro no exponerse en el proceso.

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