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This group is a place for people in the Aurora, CO area to give and receive volunteer, person-to-person assistance for logistical issues connected to COVID-19. With kids out of school, people with health issues are practicing social distancing and others are missing work and losing business. Let's think about what we can offer each other.
Remember, everyone needs something sometime and everyone has something to give. We're all in this together. Feel free to both ask for and offer things.

Is a group you're involved with doing something helpful? Awesome. Post it. Did you think of something I didn't? Of course you did, you clever thing! Share here.

Be sure that what you're offering is commensurate with a level of risk you're comfortable with. Remember, you want to be as careful as the most vulnerable person you see regularly.
If you are offering services for a fee which you feel would be helpful, feel free to post them on this Facebook page. Please don't use the volunteer form for that. We want to be clear about what's free and what isn't.

Also, be sure to fact check health info before you post it here.


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