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What Does Politics Demand of Black Women?

16th Annual Muslim Youth Leadership Program (MYLP) 2020 

We are a coalition of students, workers, and community members organizing mutual aid in the South Bay (Santa Clara County) area. 

Somos una coalición de estudiantes, trabajadores y miembros de la comunidad organizando ayuda mutua en el condado de Santa Clara. 


Berkeley Mutual Aid is an evolving effort developed by volunteers in the community to get neighborly support to where it is needed most. As this crisis evolves, our project will continue to respond and shift priorities as needed.

Let's support each other in our community as we face the COVID-19 pandemic

We are a San Francisco-based collective grassroots effort coordinating safe volunteer opportunities to meet the pressing needs in our neighborhoods

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic it is clear that our government, and the whole capitalist system, are not meeting the needs of the people. Mutual aid is essential for addressing people's immediate needs in the face of the lack of preparedness and the extreme negligence toward working-class people reflected in the dismal government response.

Workers of all stripes are stepping in and putting their lives on the line to make up for the criminal negligence of our ruling class. And when we’ve weathered the storm, the struggle must continue to ensure that the sacrifices we make now will not be in vain. Together, we can not only overcome disaster, but indeed build a better future for all of us!

If you are in need of assistance following the COVID-19 outbreak please fill out the following survey. The information you provide will be shared with volunteers so they may contact you if they are able to help. To maintain privacy, your name is not required to accept aid. We only ask for minimal information regarding health conditions so we can keep our volunteers safe and prepared.

DISCLOSURE: The host of this document cannot guarantee that all requests for aid will be met but is simply a community member offering to share a document and allow others to help each other. Please be responsible when arranging to meet with folks you have not met. The hosts accepts no liability around these engagements.

If you can provide assistance please fill out the following form --

If you have any questions please email or call/text (510) 306-2434.

This form was created to crowd source mutual aid for folks in the SF Bay Area, who are affected by Covid-19 or the current situation and need support.  You may be immune-compromised, chronically ill, asthmatic, or in another kind of high risk group. You may also be quarantined for some reason and need help. If you need help, this is a *non-judgmental place* to ask for help and hopefully get it.  If you are in need, please fill out the following survey. This information will NOT be shared publicly. We have a team of volunteers who are working to match each individual request and ensure that people feel safe and cared for depending on their specifics needs. If you'd to offer support, please go here:  Please email to have any information removed or changed. This was adapted from the Seattle Queer Mutual Aid Google form, thank you Seattle! 

In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, communities most affected are coming together to support each other. Senior and Disability Action, Bay Resistance, and a variety of community organizations re working to identify and meet the needs of seniors, people with disabilities and health conditions, and workers who are at risk in this moment.

Together, we can make sure people have access to food, medicine, and other necessities, and we can find ways to connect to each other and not feel isolated and alone.

Esta forma en español:

This form will take about 5-10 minutes to fill out. You only need to fill out this form one time - once we have established contact with you, you will be able to contact us directly if you have additional needs or support to offer.

This form is for both those in need and those who want to share aid, as many of us fit both categories.
Please fill out this form if you (or someone you're assisting) are:
- an older person
- a person with a disability or with a health condition
- a worker in need
- an ally with time or resources to offer

What sort of mutual aid can you expect?

We are mostly coordinating deliveries of food, medicine, and supplies for people who are advised to remain home and/or are unable to leave their home. We are also setting people up with phone partners to check in on each other. To a limited extent, we are also coordinating in-home support.

This mutual aid project is staffed by volunteers and it belongs to all of us - we all have a responsibility to each other.

If you do not need a delivery (you are healthy, you are able to go to stores, you are able to prepare your own food, and/or you do not live with someone who is immuno-compromised or otherwise at increased risk), we can help you connect to other resources. Please also explore the resources that we have consolidated and will continue to update here:

We are not able to provide intensive support, but we may be able to help you determine which resources to contact, especially for financial and for food assistance.

Fortunately, a number of other networks are also offering mutual aid in the Bay Area. To simplify our efforts, if you are asking for help, please do not fill out multiple forms. However, if you'd like to offer help in multiple places, feel free! Other mutual aid forms are listed here:

Esta forma en español:

Covid-19 Financial Solidarity Entry Support

Hi! The sheet is  newly limited to 400 open requests per day, as this makes it more likely for everyone's requests to be filled. Once you're added, we randomize the list every day to get folks facetime at the top.

If you have a request, please fill out this form and we will add you to the sheet as soon as there is space available.

PLEASE NOTE: All this information is going to be PUBLIC on the web once it gets on the sheet. This is so that there's no intermediary between requesters and offerers for money. So only include information you want public. If you'd like to make an anonymous request to a smaller list of offers (safer, but a smaller pool of possible donors) please email

COVID-19 has disrupted our lives unlike anything we have seen in our lifetimes. Thousands, if not millions of people will not pay their rent until this crisis is over. We are banding together: folks who cannot pay and those who will join them in solidarity.  We refuse to pay for the right to live. Many will have to choose between rent and food, and many won’t have enough for either. We will not sacrifice our lives to keep the market afloat, or to fill the pockets of real estate lenders and landlords. 

We are in uncharted waters. We are waiting for government support but it may not come. This platform is here to bring as many people together in the movement - knowing that there are real risks, but also knowing that we are many and we are in this together. 

This is an invitation to join together and prioritize our lives and our communities over profit. Together, we can transform this moment of isolation into a moment of shared strength, support and compassion. 

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