A Necessary Conversation for Black Justice

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This is a moment for reflection, this is a moment for education, this is a moment for a radical action that seeks to address a systemic problem. Anti-Blackness is a global public health crisis that must end immediately.

Many of us are witnessing the horrific tragedies and violence against Black folks in this country, and many of us are angry, frustrated, and in pain. We believe that in this moment a deep reflection and assessment of our complicities in the violence against Black folks is necessary for powerful allyship that seeks to heal the pain and trauma of anti-Blackness.

Join us on June 12, at 3PM for a conversation with Black Muslims leader within CAIR, to address the realities of this moment, the challenges we must courageously confront, and the strategies and learnings that must be employed to end anti-Blackness and bring economic, political, environmental, and social justice to Black folks in this country.

Register at: https://bit.ly/justice612


Event Name:
A Necessary Conversation for Black Justice
Racial Justice
Date start:
12 Jun 2020
14:00 - 15:30

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