Turning Air Into Action: Call Out Dearborn City Council

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Dearborn City Council has refused to take action in response to the crisis of antiBlack racism in our communities. While other City Councils and the state have adopted resolutions that declare racism a public health crisis and taken steps to enforce accountability for their police departments, Dearborn City Council has refused to address the topic.

Before the August 25th City Council meeting, we will be gathering in front of the Dearborn Administrative Center to bring attention to the persistent crisis, and show City Council that it is past time to take action. You'll have a chance to connect with other activists, learn about the situation in Dearborn, and show your support for City Council action.

Immediately following the demonstration, we encourage all attendees to log into the Dearborn City Council meeting (held via Zoom starting at 7:30pm) and make a statement affirming that:
* Dearborn believes Black lives matter
* Racism is a public health crisis
* Dearborn police need to be held to a standard of accountability and transparency
* It's time to invest in our communities by divesting from the Dearborn Police Department

(Event cover images from Dearborn Press & Guide)


Event Name:
Turning Air Into Action: Call Out Dearborn City Council
Racial Justice
Date start:
25 Aug 2020
18:00 - 19:30
16901 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI, United States

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