Tell Whitmer: We demand a moratorium on evictions

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Join us in Lansing at the Romney Building 111 South Capital Avenue at 1 PM on  August 19, 2020 for a CAR CARAVAN and DEMONSTRATION.

Wear masks and social distance.

Governor Whitmer's new executive order creating an eviction diversion program for Covid-19 related debtors is basically a big bailout to landlords, many of whom are predatory investors. Pursuant to the emergency powers vested in the governor by Michigan law, and in order to genuinely protect the lives and general welfare in this unprecedented continuing emergency we call for this demonstration to remind the Governor who she is serving.

Governor Whitmer can and must:

Place a One Year Moratorium on all Evictions in Michigan or longer if the emergency continues :
Place a One Year Moratorium on all Foreclosures in Michigan or longer if the emergency continues:
Place a One Year Moratorium on all utility shutoffs including water shutoffs in Michigan for one year or longer if the emergency continues-Restore those who have been shut off:
Cancel all mortgage, rental and utility payments in Michigan for one year or longer if emergency continues:
Implement affordable rent, mortgage, water and utility payments based on a family's ability to pay.

Finally, the Federal government must extend the moratorium on all federally financed properties and must provide funds for the cancellation of rent and mortgage payments during the covid-19 pandemic emergency.

Evictions, foreclosures and water shut offs constitute a racist war on the people of Detrout that is no less an assault than the police violence that thousands have been confronting in the streets.

Even before the Coronavirus, when Michigan unemployment rate was only 4 percent one os six renters faced eviction in Michigan. The city of Detroit has averaged 35,000 eviction cases a year since 2009.

Over 3000 Detroiters, who already have eviction judgements in place from before the Covid-19 pandemic started, face immediate eviction with the lifting of the Michigan moratorium August 15, and the end of the moratorium on federally financed properties July 25. Tens of thousands of families in homes where workers have lost their jobs will be added to the list. Many have not received their unemployment checks due to bureaucratic delays.

Mass evictions at this time of the pandemic will create a serious public health crisis. Only a small portion of the City of Detroit's federal CARES act is earmarked to stop evictions.

So you can see why this event is so important to attend. Bring your masks if you want to leave the car caravan and join the demo. Hope to see you on the 19th.

Event Name:
Tell Whitmer: We demand a moratorium on evictions
Economic Justice
Date start:
19 Aug 2020
13:00 - 15:00
111 South Capitol Avenue, Lansing, MI, United States

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