Texting Tuesdays: Text Voters with Indivisible Chicago Alliance

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Join us for Texting Tuesdays! Since we can't go door-to-door during the COVID-19 crisis, we're taking our organizing digital. And texting is one of the things we can do to reach voters in critical swing states (in addition to making calls and sending postcards). And we make text banking easy by being with you every step of the way!

Our Zoom text banks begin with a 30 minute check-in and orientation, and then we will join the national "IndivisiText Team" to text voters followed by a debrief. Your Indivisible Chicago Alliance text bank trainers and facilitators will be available online for the duration of the event to solve problems and answer questions.

For the next three textbanking events, we'll be getting together on Zoom to text voters in Minnesota, Virginia and Florida. In MN and VA, we'll be helping ID voters who are ready to get more involved in electoral organizing, and we're connecting those folks to their nearest local Indivisible group to do it. We'll be texting voters in FL about voting by mail.

You will need to sign up for this event using one of the ticket links below, and you also must have completed one of our trainings in June or July,** so you are all signed up to text with Indivisible before this event starts. You will not be eligible to send texts unless you have registered on Indivisible's platforms (which you will know how to do after the training)!

Sign up:
July 14: Minnesota: http://tiny.cc/z3gbsz
July 21: Virginia: http://tiny.cc/m2gbsz
July 28: Florida: http://tiny.cc/vzgbsz

Once you sign up, you will receive an email with the Zoom meeting link on the day of the event. Thank you!


TRAINING: You need to have completed our texting training.* After your training, you'll have all the info to complete the steps to sign up to be an "IndivisiTexter" with Indivisible. You will not be eligible to join this text bank unless you have completed a training!

Indivisible Chicago Texting Trainings:
July 13: http://tiny.cc/s4gbsz
July 20: http://tiny.cc/x5gbsz
July 27: http://tiny.cc/f6gbsz

* Missed the training and want to join us? Sign up for Indivisible's national trainings:

Indivisible National Training and Texting Schedule: http://tiny.cc/96gbsz

You can also find other text banking campaigns to join on days other than when we have ours!


COMPUTER: Indivisible’s texting platform is designed for a desktop or laptop computer. Some features may not work well (or at all) on your tablet or smartphone. Added bonus = anonymity! The Indivisible texting program does not use your phone number to send texts.

RELIABLE INTERNET: No connectivity = no texting!

The COVID-19 crisis only reminds us how important it is to elect real leaders. The clock is counting down to November 3. More than ever, we need you!

Thank you!

Event Name:
Texting Tuesdays: Text Voters with Indivisible Chicago Alliance
Date start:
4 Aug 2020
12:30 - 14:30

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