Native Liberation 2020: Decolonization or Extinction, July 11-12

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We are undergoing the sixth mass extinction event. The Earth is on fire, the oceans are boiling, and there are mass uprisings against the failures of neoliberal capitalism throughout the world. The right-wing offers a way out through the politics of hate by building more walls, destroying more mountains, burning more forests, polluting more rivers, caging children, fracking the land, destroying sacred sites. As temperatures rise, so too does inequality, hunger, poverty, and misery. The tentacles of this system emanate mostly from the United States — the single greatest obstacle to freedom for the rest of the world.

The politics of hope is a weapon of the humble. And the aspirations for freedom are usually channeled into a ballot box. But we know that only mass movements can do what politicians cannot. The urgency for action, however, has not yet been met with a feasible plan out of this catastrophe.

The Indigenous movement is the most confrontational arm of climate justice, with land defenders facing state repression and assassination throughout the world. In North America, settler states such as Canada and the United States pillage Indigenous land to maintain energy dominance on the world’s oil supply. At the same time, these two countries implement genocidal sanctions against one-third of humanity, including the civilians of Venezuela and Iran, to destroy both countries’ oil-producing capacity. Put plainly, US imperialism holds the future hostage.

We call on all left, progressive, and grassroots movements to join the Red Nation for our fifth annual Native Liberation Conference, July 11-12 in Tiwa Territory (Albuquerque, New Mexico). We understand the urgency of the crisis to build a movement centered on the politics of love and solidarity. This year, we are convening the Red Earth Alliance as a vehicle for international social change, centering water, life, land, and ending US imperialism.

The stakes are clear: it’s decolonization or extinction.

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Event Name:
Native Liberation 2020: Decolonization or Extinction, July 11-12
Racial Justice
Date start:
11 Jul 2020 08:00
Date end:
12 Jul 2020 20:00

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