Maryland Virtual Town Hall (Web) - Covid-19 Impact & Response

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Join us for a virtual Town Hall on May 21 @ 7pm to support those who will be sharing their stories and putting a face on the impact of COVID-19.

Access details are below.

This event is open and free to everyone, everywhere.

Please RSVP here by 5pm on 5/21. And don’t forget to invite your friends!

We are excited to welcome Reverend Angela Martin and David Mott as our hosts and hear from individuals organizing across the state who: have been laid off; are facing eviction, homelessness, and food insecurity; are fighting for better medical care; and are working together to stay safe and healthy.

We will open with a prayer from the wisdom of Reverend Annie Chambers. We will then hear from our comrades; listen and discuss issues with fellow Marylanders; and close with a song to honor the need for connection and culture building in our fight for justice.

We must connect the consequences of COVID-19 with the five interlocking injustices:

  • Systemic racism;
  • Poverty;
  • Ecological devastation;
  • Militarism and the war economy; and
  • The distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism

"[We] were inescapably bound together – that when one of us falls, so many of us fall."

- Rev. Liz Theoharis ( from “In the Face of COVID, Let’s Reorganize Society Around the Needs of the Poor”)

And it’s our work to be there to pick each other back up and continue to organize.

Access available by web or phone.
You must RSVP by 5pm on 5/21 so we can email you the access information.

Event Name:
Maryland Virtual Town Hall (Web) - Covid-19 Impact & Response
Economic Justice
Date start:
21 May 2020
19:00 - 20:30

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