Should the United States implement Universal Basic Income (UBI)?

The Presidential campaign of Andrew Wang introduce more Americans to the concept of Universal Basic Income.  Every American would receive $1200/month under the proposal.  Do you support this policy?  Has the pandemic changed your mind?

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    • Wouldn't this cause a proportional increase in prices on everything, starting from rent?

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      • Only if its implemented incorrectly. That will absolutely be the move to crush, in the same way saddling the ACA to health insurance profits ruined its effectiveness. The whole point of UBI is to redistribute wealth from the rich people stealing it from workers, so there would need to be some manner of price freeze or raising of minimum wage to prevent the machinations you mentioned.

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        • Who would enforce all of which you describe?

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          • That's the same argument that's made against increasing the minimum wage...that it would cause inflation.  Inflation is driven by a lot of factors and its not a one to one relationship of increasing in wages, especially on the low end of the income scale, causing significant rises in inflation.  

            Enforcement is tax policy.  We must tax the wealthier at higher rates in order to make UBI government budget neutral.

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