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The of is on almost .  They were to give upon billions in for that but when it comes to #everyoneelse who have #suffered in #pandemic, all of a sudden the fake #deficithawks come out.

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Originally Posted on September 20, 2017

On a rainy September 19th afternoon, the American Polish Cultural Center (APCC) elected to host the Michigan Trump Republicans for a banquet/rally in support of their President. The banquet stood after a call campaign imploring the venue to cancel, some Polish immigrants (or descendants of immigrants) found it inappropriate to hold a political rally for Trump, who repeatedly failed to condemn violence perpetrated by Nazis and other white supremacists groups, in addition to those groups' endorsement of him as President. The German Nazi Party was responsible for over 2.7 million deaths of Poles due to war, ghettos such as Warsaw and concentration/death camps like Auschwitz. 

Others who wrote and called in cited policies such as ending DACA, banning people from majority Muslim nations from entering the country, directing ICE to mass deport residents of Latin and Arabic descent as inherently white supremacist actions, demanding businesses not cater to any group supporting them.

The APCC stood firm, stating that all have the right to use their establishment, regardless of political views. Metro-Detroit Political Action Network (MDPAN) and BAMN vehemently disagree with rolling out the red carpet for white supremacy, and a protest ensued. 

Filling the corner of 15 Mile and Dequindre, the resistance took up the sidewalk along the intersection, waving signs to enthusiastic honks from passers-by on the road. Drivers were treated to chant standards of "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!", "Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!", "Lock him up!" as well as more DACA related shouts like "Immigrants stay, Trump must go!" However, interaction with other drivers wasn't entirely positive. Several rolled down their windows to shout ableist slurs at the supposed crowd of "liberals", and one even lobbed an anti-black slur while telling the protesters to fellate him (at the 12:20 mark of this video). 

In terms of support for the white supremacist organization, there was only one Biker for Trump in attendance, a far cry from their turnout at the Duggan's rally. Thanks to that, along with professional and unbiased conduct from the Troy Police Department, everyone had a safe protest.

A member of the APCC's Board of Directors was photographing protesters at the event, for reasons unknown. CEO of Hydrate Detroit Demeeko Williams confronted the board member about this behavior and an argument ensued. In it, Williams explained that by hosting a group that supports the President's hate campaign is incredibly problematic, given that Southeast Michigan holds the largest concentration of Muslims in the country, Trump's primary target for discrimination. The board member countered by stating he supported free enterprise, also mentioning his father was in Auschwitz. He chose not to comment on Trump's condoning of Nazi violence, or the Nazi/white supremacist groups emboldened by the Oval Office occupant.

He also chose not to explain why the APCC would not deny the Trump Republicans access and did not understand that hosting such an event would be considered an endorsement. Instead, the board member became enraged and stormed off after two police officers walked over to deescalate. 

At 7:30 PM, the Trump rally inside was ending, and it's attendees filed out. While waiting to turn on 15 mile, they were met with a thunderous chorus of "Shame, shame, shame!" by the resistance flanking both ends on the parking lot's egress.  

#hategroup #Protest #islamaphobia

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It was Christmas 23 years ago. The nation found itself in the middle of a government shutdown, the first example of how rabid right-wing Republicans could not be trusted to govern in good faith, to find pathways to compromise, and to maintain basic order of the government by keeping the lights on.  Newt Gingrich orchestrated the shutdowns of 1995 and 1996, arguably handing President Bill Clinton his second term as President.  Most Americans didn't appreciate the brinkmanship of government shutdown politics and the myriad of effects on government workers and everyday citizens, but yet these tactics continue to be employed as tool for conservatives to grandstand until they get there way.  And yet, they almost never get their way and to a person, they come out politically damaged with an emboldened opposition.  Why would Trump pursue this failed strategy, switching course from agreeing to support a funding bill without funding for a wall to shutting down the government for Christmas?

To answer that question, we must analyze why government shutdown rhetoric and tactics work for the rabid Right-wing Republican base, even as they further alienate the rest of us.  

  • Even as we are Constitutional republic with a government of the people and by the people, conservatives espouse an ideology that calls for self-inflicted wounds if you are running the government at the time.  For a group that espouses disdain for government anyway, shutting down what you despise isn't such a logical stretch.  Shutdown teases the ideology out to its logical end.  
  • Petulant older white male conservatives tend to act from their privilege.  Throughout much of their lives, this cohort usually enjoys people affirmative response when they let their desires be known.  They aren't used to being disappointed or needing to concede.  Compromise required to build community is not a strong suit temperamentally for those that live lives of privilege.
  • The right wing media monolith lurches the base and the politicians who need them ever further right with a sustained rhetoric across multiple media channels.  Sen. Bob Corker this week spoke to Trump getting caught up in feeling the need to respond to the right wing media.  When it looked as though he might compromise on wall funding, the right wing media machine howled.  Trump caved leaving Hill Republicans who had already formed a compromise in a lurch.  More importantly he left the nation in a lurch.  Government workers will be expected to work without pay.  Plans for national parks will

In short, Trump's political and perhaps survival as a free man is completely wrapped in maintaining his hold over this right wing base which makes up the overwhelming majority of the Republican Party.  He is both a reflection of the base and beholden to it.  We've asked all along how long would the base hold on with each week one upping the previous in the crazy-town at the White House?  As long as Trump panders, at least 28% of Americans will be right there with him, the same 28% that supported George W. Bush at the end of his failed Presidency and the same 28% that supported Sarah Palin heading into the 2008 election. 

Here's to hoping the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come visit Trump tomorrow night.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  

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