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ZeroHour NYC
Climate and Environment

Zero Hour NYC is a coalition of city students dedicated to combating climate change and furthering a sustainable future. We are frustrated with how special interest politics have stymied legislative progress toward environmental and social justice. Reliance on dirty energy is not only putting people’s future at risk, but also their present. As extreme weather and natural disasters occur more frequently around the world, we are seeing the emergence of a new climate refugee crisis and an unprecedented scarcity of resources. Now is not the time for silence; now is the time for action. If lawmakers won’t lead the way on their own, us students are ready to push them.

On July 21st, 2018, Zero Hour NYC will take to the streets to call upon policymakers at every level of governance to separate themselves from the fossil fuel industry and support a transition to 100% renewable energy. Sister marches will take place around the country and world.

We want to maximize our people power to amplify our message. That's why we're calling all NYC and NYS students, adult allies, and organizational partners to join us in marching this summer.


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