BreonnaCon | Louisville, KY | August 22 - 25 #justiceforbreonnataylor

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SIGN UP FOR BREONNACON EVENTS TODAY! Whether you are coming for the entire 4 days or just for one session, please sign up and let us know you are going to get in Good Trouble with us!

BreonnaCon is a multi-day engagement in Louisville led by Until Freedom that will commit all available resources, talent and energy towards achieving Justice for Breonna Taylor. This first-of-its-kind “community convention” will include Workshops, Trainings, Plenaries, Women’s and Men’s Empowerment programs, a School Supplies Giveaway, Community BBQ, Faith Revival and much more.

The events lead up to Until Freedom’s main Direct Action and punctuate a 30 day occupation of Louisville by the activist group. BreonnaCon will engage, activate, and transform the Louisville community by building a comprehensive slate of programming that will not just amplify the urgent need for Justice for Breonna, but address a number of issues affecting the community including food insecurity.

BreonnaCon will bring influencers from across the nation to lend their voice to the grave injustices surrounding Breonna Taylor’s case.

For August 25th specifically, we do not recommend the following people engage in direct action:

* undocumented folks
* health conditions that require scheduled medication
* immuno-compromised folks
* folks on probation
* folks with open arrest warrants

Event Name:
BreonnaCon | Louisville, KY | August 22 - 25 #justiceforbreonnataylor
Racial Justice
Date start:
22 Aug 2020 08:00
Date end:
25 Aug 2020 17:00

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