Blue Monday

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Blue Mondays is an activist series presented by Indivisible Chicago PAC, Indivisible Chicago Alliance, and Blue Beginning, the Alliance chapter that has been meeting at the Hideout since Trump was elected.
The shows will be streaming throughout the month of August, on the following topics:

· Electoral Politics and the Push for Racial Justice
· Three States, Three Reporters, and the Electoral Landscape
· Michigan: A Deeper Dive
· Wisconsin: A Deeper Dive
· Illinois: A Deeper Dive

Each show will keep you up to date on election events, feature a panel discussion with special guests diving into the week's topic, and a local musician. This show will be live streamed, but you will be able to find the recordings on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast and for a rebroadcast on WCPT.

Indivisible is one of the leading grassroots groups in the city, recruiting and training field volunteers for progressive candidates in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. They were key in the victories for Congressional candidates Sean Casten, Lauren Underwood, and Marie Newman. For November, their “3 States, 1 Mission” aims to rebuild the Midwest Blue Wall, that crumbled in 2016 to push Trump to victory.  


Event Name:
Blue Monday
Racial Justice
Date start:
3 Aug 2020
20:00 - 21:00

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