People Power At PNC Tower: Stop Banking the Bomb

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The Stop Banking the Bomb campaign is keeping the pressure on PNC to divest from its immoral loans in weapons of mass destruction. We will continue to picket outside the PNC Tower to tell PNC, Pittsburgh is with the rest of world in our desire to ban nuclear weapons.

PNC Bank has invested over one billion dollars in five notorious nuclear weapons manufacturers. We believe these continued investments are a serious threat to our planet. We demand PNC Bank sell off these loans, investments, and bond issuances to nuclear arms producers and make a binding commitment never to invest in weapons of mass destruction. Our campaign is a broad-based coalition of concerned partners, both within the Pittsburgh area and from across the nation.

Requests by the Organizers:
- Please be respectful and polite to passersby. This is an informational campaign; we are here to inform the public, not confront the public.
- Please refrain from any signage that is not provided by the organizers. We have spent time and money to create signs and visuals - we'd love for you to use them!
- Please refrain from any behavior that risks violence or destruction. This is a peaceful movement.

Event Name:
People Power At PNC Tower: Stop Banking the Bomb
Date start:
11:30 - 12:30
300 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, United States

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