Climate Action: What Prince William County Can Do Now

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At the peak of the lockdown period from COVID19 we witnessed an “extreme” effect on carbon emissions, causing a 17% drop globally. As our economy begins to recover and emissions begin increasing again, we are presented with an enormous opportunity for growth.

The clean energy sector has been one of the fastest-growing in recent years and Virginia is #10 in the number of clean energy jobs, with more than 78,000 Virginians working in the industry with more being created as we facilitate the transition to renewable energy.

Though the task seems overwhelming there are concrete, significant actions our County Supervisors and citizens can take right now, which would result in significant benefits for our environment and economy.

Our panel will feature:
- Jay Fisette, former Chair of Arlington County Board & Managing Principal, DMV Strategic Advisors.
- Steve Walz, Director, Environmental Programs at Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
- Nick DiFerdinando, Development Manager at Sun Tribe Solar

Tune it to find out about…and discuss these questions and more:
- What localities are leading our region on climate action?
- Do we need a community-wide climate plan?
- Do citizens have a role?
- What specific actions can our local leaders take this year?
- Should the County and Schools work together?

Please register and you will receive the zoom link the day prior to the webinar.


Invite your local leaders to help inform and educate them on how they can act on climate right now!

Event Name:
Climate Action: What Prince William County Can Do Now
Date start:
10 Aug 2020
18:00 - 19:15

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