Black, Indigenous Solidarity Rally

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Defund CPD, Decolonize Zhigaagoong: Black, Indigenous Solidarity Rally
July 17, 5pm, Buckingham Fountain

Decolonization is the abolishment of slavery in all forms and the rematriation of land and life of Indigenous peoples.

Chi-Nations Youth Council, Black Lives Matter Chicago, and BYP100—among others— call for the abolishment of police and the redistribution of funds to the people of Chicago.

In 1830, during the Indian Removal act, the Chicago Police Department was founded—three years before Chicago was official. These overlaps are often seen as coincidental, but the history of police in the United States shows a clear mission to remove Native peoples from our land and enslave our Black relatives.

All land East of Michigan Avenue is unceded Niswi-mishkodewinan territory. The city of Chicago has no rights to this land—through treaty or sale. It is occupied only by white supremacist entitlement and a collective delusion of ownership.

We are gathering and celebrating ourselves as Black and Indigenous peoples. We are tired of having to say “we are people.” We are tired of having to say “we matter.” We built this country as Black and Indigenous peoples. Our knowledge and labor has been exploited for too long.

Let’s dance, sing, party, and celebrate ourselves.

Bring drums, flags, music, and food. Wear a mask.


Event Name:
Black, Indigenous Solidarity Rally
Racial Justice
Date start:
17:00 - 17:00
500 South Columbus Drive, Chicago, IL, United States

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