Get up Get Active Beyond Bernie the time is now

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Hi all, we’re so proud of the work that everyone has put in pushing for Bernie Sanders delegates and for our down ballot candidates Nikil Saval, Rick Krajewski, and Elizabeth Fielder.

Our community organization is pushing forward to put our finger prints all over our city and states local politics by encouraging and amplifying the voices of the working class, black community, and brown community around the city, state, and nation.

Please join us while we outline our groups direction going forward.

There’s a lot happening in the nation. Historic wealth inequality, rampant systemic racism, and people who are just tired and fed up with it simply not being suitably or sustainably addressed.

We’d love to hear from you all in how we can address our cities needs, our states needs and your needs in our groups platform as we push on.

Event Name:
Get up Get Active Beyond Bernie the time is now
Date start:
28 Jun 2020
16:00 - 16:00

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