George Floyd and State-Sanctioned Violence

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We are in what's called "a moment of the whirlwind," where a shocking incident reveals a critical social problem to the public in a vivid way, triggering a flurry of activity that quickly spreads beyond the institutional control of any one organization. The murder of George Floyd is such an incident, revealing not just the racism of the Minneapolis police but public policy and institutions throughout our nation. Layered on top is the coronavirus pandemic that has already killed 100,000 people, the continued incarceration of asylum seekers in Leesport and elsewhere, and the burgeoning crisis of legitimacy that threatens democracy itself.

Learn more about how we got here, including the long history of state-sanctioned violence against black and brown people, and how the convergence of crises demands that we organize in new and powerful ways.

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Event Name:
George Floyd and State-Sanctioned Violence
Racial Justice
Date start:
4 Jun 20
19:00 - 20:30

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