Cancel The Rents! Justice 4 George Floyd!-Boston Caravan Protest

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As part of the National Day of Car Protests, Demand Governor Charlie Baker CANCEL THE RENTS! JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD! Meet at 1 PM at 39 Southampton Street. Register at

In light of the murder of George Floyd and the string of other killings including Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Dreasjon "Sean" Reed and others we are encouraging everyone to bring signs against racist police and vigilante violence to the protests to Cancel the Rents. Car caravans, where possible, can drive by police stations or other government buildings demanding an end to racist violence.

On June 1st, rents and mortgages for hundreds of thousands of renters, homeowners, and small business owners in Massachusetts will be due. Although working class people in Massachusetts have achieved some reprieve after winning a temporary moratorium on evictions, those of us unable to pay rents now will still be faced with months of back rent once the moratorium is lifted. We need a full cancellation of rents!

In addition, Governor Baker’s reopening plan will kick thousands of workers off of their unemployment benefits. Many have no choice but to stay home from work if they or someone they live with are older or have health vulnerabilities that could make them more susceptible to COVID. No one should be forced to enter an unsafe work environment in order to afford their basic living expenses.

Canceling rents and mortgage payments for the duration of the crisis can be won! Since the start of the pandemic in the U.S., the federal government has pumped at least 5 trillion dollars into the big banks and the largest corporations. Only $249 billion was allocated for unemployment funding. This massive gift to the banks — the 1% at the top, compared to the 160 million U.S. workers — is 20 times the amount allotted for the unemployed. The money is there, it is simply a question of whether it is used to bail out Wall Street or to provide relief for poor and working people. This wealth and the vast number of vacant housing units must be used to provide shelter for the homeless as well. Working class people should be relieved from any and all accumulation of debt acquired during the shutdown - the government must cancel rents.

On May 30 @ 1pm, join the Boston branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation for the National day of car protests to demand: CANCEL THE RENTS! JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD!

We will be meeting at 39 Southampton Street at 1pm on Saturday, May 30. This is a COVID19-safe, car rally. Bikes are also welcome. We will be practicing social distancing so please wear masks and make sure you remain 6 feet apart from all other participants that are not in your car. Please fill out the registration form so we can communicate with you about logistics. Remember to RVSP, share the event, and please bring your signs and enthusiasm!

Register for the Boston-based Cancel the Rents car protest here:

Learn more about the national day of protests here:


1. Governor Baker cancel all rents, mortgages for homeowners, small landlords and small businesses, for the duration of the pandemic. No accumulation of debt!

2. National Grid and Eversource cancel all gas and electricity payments retroactively to the start of the governor mandated state of emergency. Governor Baker make high speed internet a public utility. End all water payments.

3. Governor Baker use power of eminent domain over vacant buildings, homes, hotels, and all appropriate structures to house the homeless or people in precarious housing situations, including the undocumented and victims of domestic violence.

4. Immediate release and dignified housing for all people currently incarcerated, especially those in pre-trial detention, prisoners over the age of 50, those detained on the basis of immigration status, and those within six months of their release date

5. Full citizenship rights for all undocumented immigrant workers and their families. Deportation is the most violent form of eviction!

6. Justice for George Floyd and all victims of police terror! Jai killer cops! Stop the war on Black America!

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Cancel The Rents! Justice 4 George Floyd!-Boston Caravan Protest
Economic Justice
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13:00 - 15:00

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