March Against Police Brutality

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MPD Officer Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd in cold blood, Sha'Teina and Dan Grady were assaulted and tased by Washtenaw County PD, LAPD drove their cars directly into protesters marching for George Floyd.

If police want to behave like white supremacist mercenaries, our communities have to stand up in self-defense. Join us on Friday at 4 PM in front of Detroit's Public Safety HQ to be heard.

Last summer, Commissioner Willie Burton and activist Meeko Williams were arrested for speaking out against DPD's illegally implemented facial recognition apparatus. During Motor City Pride, that same police department played armed guard for the National Socialist Movement. Both Burton and Williams will be part of the speaking program, along with Victoria Burton-Harris (running for Wayne County Prosecutor) and Joanna Underwood of the Detroit Charter Commission.

Our demands:

- Justice for Sha'Teina and Dan Grady.
- Release of non-violent prisoners due to Covid-19
- Justice for George Floyd, freedom for the LA and MN protesters.
- Discontinue use of facial recognition technology in law enforcement.
- Immediate termination for violent/cruel officers, and levy criminal charges against them.
- End Mass Incarceration.

This will be a non-violent demonstration featuring a formal speaking program, march and informal speak-out so that everyone in the affected communities has a chance to be heard.

Our social distancing plan: march with six feet between, masks and gloves mandatory, and we'll have people with speakers/megaphones playing the speaking program at each corner so everyone has a chance to hear while still keeping their distance. The more the merrier on this, please bring speakers and megaphones (preferably with Bluetooth) if you have them.

Our speakers (will update as more join):

- Victoria Burton-Harris
- Meeko Williams
- Willie Burton
- Joanna Underwood

Event Name:
March Against Police Brutality
Racial Justice
Date start:
29 May 20
15:00 - 16:30

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