Reel News International night: June 1 Global Day of Action

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On May 1st, millions of people took action in the USA in the first "people's strike" against Trump and his allies relaxing the lockdown. Unofficial walkouts, mass sickouts, rent strikes, car caravans, refusing to buy anything, or simply taking the day off and hanging a banner out of their window.

The movement in the USA is asking other countries to join them in taking action every 1st of the month. In the UK, a national day of action has called on June 1st too - a rapidly growing boycott by parents of schools reopening, action by healthworkers, and the rank and file construction group, Shut The Sites as our own government tries to relax the lockdown prematurely. There are also pushes to get rent strikes going.

So can we all strengthen our movements further worldwide by joining together on June 1?

Can we together weave the necessary solidarity to support workers and communities from all sectors and struggles, united in solidarity against all forms of oppressions that have been made even worse by the pandemic?

In the first Reel News online event of this pandemic, films and speakers from actions from around the world, will be followed with breakout spaces to plan action on June 1st and beyond.

Hear from NASIR MANSOOR about the fightback from 15,000 textile and garment workers sacked in Pakistan by H&M and Zara suppliers; from the USA, KALI AKUNO from Cooperation Jackson on the People's Strike, CHRIS SMALLS and MAREN COSTA - Amazon workers sacked for organising walkouts and mass sickouts, and SEAN PETTY - New York Nurses; from the UK, KIRSTIE PATON and JENNIFER JONES on the fight to stop schools reopening; and from Switzerland, PAOLA CROZET SANCHEZ from from workers and youth led movement for climate and social justice.

So come with your ideas - whether it's workplace action, boycotting schools reopening, rent strikes, socially distanced or online protests, action for rights of migrants, prisoners - anything you think is important to do.

Governments worldwide have made it clear that they are going to prioritise profits over people's lives. It's time for the people to protect themselves. Take action - save lives!

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Reel News International night: June 1 Global Day of Action
Economic Justice
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18:30 - 20:00

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