Voices from the Inside: Pennsylvania Prisoners Speak Out

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COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the prison system, but the state is finished addressing the problem and is leaving people in state prisons to their fate. Advocates, politicians, and the Department of Corrections have all spoken at length about the COVID in prisons, but now more than ever we need to hear from the people on the inside most impacted and at risk. Speakers will present audio- and video-recorded speeches plus written statements; they will be from many prisons throughout the PA state system, and there will be statements from many prison leaders plus first-hand updates on the outbreaks at Huntingdon and Phoenix. medical care issues for those with COVID in prisons, and the mass transfers from Rockview.

If you have a statement or recording from someone in prison to submit, please send it to freethevulnerablePA@gmail.com. (Note that we can’t guarantee a spot at this event because there are already a number of submissions, but we will do our best to include the submission at this or future events.)

This event is presented by , an organizing working group that's advocating for the release of the aging and vulnerable in prison during the COVID crisis and beyond.

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Voices from the Inside: Pennsylvania Prisoners Speak Out
Racial Justice
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18:00 - 20:00

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