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What can we learn from what's working nationally and apply locally to prevent gun violence?

So many important efforts and research in different places around the country and world. What can we bring to Philadelphia to prevent the violence epidemic in our city?

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    • Cure Violence: https://cvg.org/

      Cure Violence Global® is guided by the understanding that violence is a health issue, that individuals and communities can transform themselves, and that community partners and strategic partnerships are keys to success. Through a rigorous, scientific, and data-driven approach, Cure Violence Global™ helps communities to implement violence prevention programs that are effective in significantly reducing violence.

      Our Mission: To reduce violence globally using disease control and behavior change methods.

      Impact:  The Cure Violence® Approach has the strongest evidence of effectiveness for violence prevention. Today, there are eight evaluations and more than a dozen studies and reports showing a large impact on violence.

      • 45% violent crime (Trinidad & Tobago)
      • 63% shooting (New York City)
      • 30% shootings (Philadelphia)
      • 48% shooting — in first week of program (Chicago)

      Philadelphia Evaluation Report from 2017: https://cvg.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Roman_etal2017JEC_SelectingtheCounterfactual_CeaseFirePrepubcopy.pdf 

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