Million Mask March 2020 #ExpectUsUk

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Years of political choas and abuse inflicted on the people by an elite establishment intent on lining their pockets, we urge you to rise as one and join us in the largest MMM to date!!!

We stand with those who have felt the impact of cuts, welfare reform, homelessness.

We stand with the black community as we see racism run through the establishment....we want change NOW!

We stand with refugees and fellow humans from other places on this planet simply looking to improve their opportunities.

We stand against war and the killing of innocent human beings, we reject the claim from governments that war is the only way to bring peace.....

We believe a new world is possible but first we must dissolve the current system!

In recent months we have watched as many have joined movements that actively work with the UK police to later still be abused and assaulted for peacefully protesting....

We will not take this abuse without a fight, its time to rise up and fight for humanity and the environment before we run out of time.

Environmental disaster, warfare, austerity, elite pedophilia.....the list is endless!!

We urge you to join us, to rise up and demand change!

This is NOT an A to B march, our demands will be heard!

Its down to the people to create the necessary change!!

The gates that protect those who create the issues we see must be taken down, the people must take back control before its to late.....

The time is NOW


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